We are a Unitarian Universalist Association member congregation.


We are a "family size church" with about 40 members and a number of friends who attend regularly. Our small size allows everyone to get to know each other easily. It also means that individual participation has a large impact on the success of programs. On many occasions an idea expressed can be turned into a new program or special service based on the interest it generates.

About Our Congregation



Sunday Services are at 11am.


Our regular service schedule is from the first Sunday after Labor Day through the second week of June.


Sunday services begin with all ages together. Children remain in the service for an opening meditation, a hymn, and a story before processing to their Religious Education class.


Our summer Sunday service schedule begins the the third Sunday of June to Labor Day. Our summer program of lay led services provide an interesting variety of experiences which have typically included musical meditations, interesting discussion topics, and other presentations. During the summer we do not have Child Care or Sunday School classes.


Sermon topics can be found at our Calendar page.

   Sunday Services


Currently, we have a very small Sunday School. Parents help prepare a Religious Education Program for Children and Youth and match the curricula to accommodate our small size and age differences among the young people . This is an opportunity for all parents to be involved in the religious education of their children.


Our elementary Religious Education class is a one-room schoolhouse for children ages 5 to 12. "The elementary class is led by volunteers (both parents and non-parents), using curricula focused on UU values."


Childcare is available for the youngest children during the regular program year. Teens meet occasionally in the evening for a program of interfaith study and service.


More information and curricula are discussed at our Religious Education pages.

   Sunday School