Adult Religious Exploration

The Adult Religious Exploration seeks to meet needs and interests of members that go beyond Sunday morning services.

These programs may involve:

   • exploring the religious and spiritual experience,

   • expanding the knowledge of our religious and cultural heritage,

   • addressing our life challenges to strengthen ourselves and our religious community.



Several adult sessions are offered each year. Topics typically included:

   • Path to Membership

   • Minister Led Series

   • Collaborative programs with the Minster and Lay Leaders.

   • History of Unitarian Universalism

    Program Examples


Path to Membership

The presentation and discussions explain what we are about as a UU congregation, what it means to be a member and answers questions about the organization and operation of the church. The purpose is to make membership a rewarding experience by insuring that new members are fully informed and can take advantage of the opportunities that membership offers.


Minister Led Study

In 2011, Rev. Cox led a series: "Understanding the Bible." The book "An Introduction for Skeptics, Seekers, and Religious Liberals" was a resource for this class. In 2012, the topic was "An Inquiry Into Distributive Justice."


Collaborative Series:

We are currently planning a collaborative series with our Minister and Lay Leaders on social justice and embracing diversity.


History of Unitarian Universalism

Summer services offer opportunities to explore Unitarian Universalist history and historical figures in a less structured and interactive format. The services are typically lay led and drawn UU and other relavent source materials.