In any Unitarian Universalist congregation you will likely find a wide range of beliefs, opinions and ideas about God, religion, and spirituality.


This raises some obvious question

  Unitarian Universalist Beliefs



   • How can a religion function without a creed?


   • Are there shared beliefs?


   • How can differing beliefs coexist in a religious setting?


Below are links to some information which may help answer these questions.


 Shared Beliefs

Unitarian Universalists do not have a creed, but our Principles and Purposes help describe the values we share.


David O. Rankin listed commonly shared beliefs in this reading. "What Do Unitarian Universalists Believe?"


We are often asked if Unitarian Universalists are Christians. In the December 2004 Newsletter "Letter from the Minister" our former Minister Reverend Cynthia Snavely addressed our diversity of beliefs and Unitarian Universalist Christians.


 Historical Perspectives

Unitarian Universalist Origins Our Historic Faith by Mark W. Harris provides a historical overview:


Our former Minister Reverend Cynthia Snavely examined the Humanist underpinnings of contemporary Unitarian Universalism in her sermon: Unitarian Universalism: A Humanistic Faith.