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UUF Snow Policy

It’s Sunday morning and it’s snowing.  What to do?   If it’s after 9:30 A.M and you wonder if the church service has been canceled…


1. Check your e-mail.  A message from the church office will be issued, or

2. Call the church (#410-877-3773) and listen to the recording.  (It will be changed if there is a closing due to snow.)

3. For anyone who just shows up at the church, there will be a notice posted on the door.


The condition of the parking lot is the key to making a decision to close.  It is expensive to clear the parking lot of snow.  If the snow has stopped and the contractor has time to clear our lot by 10:30 A.M., or if the snow is insignificant, we will have a service as usual.  Ice can be a hazard as well and may affect the closing