Links to UUF Resources

These Unitarian Universalist resources are designed to assist members and leaders with the resources to assist in both planning, preparation and support of church programs and activities.



  Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA): National association of UU congregations

  Joseph Priestly District: Mid-atlantic regional office supporting area congregations

  Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC): A voice for human rights and social justice

  Church of the Larger Fellowship: Your Church at Home

  Unitarian Universalists for Social Justice (UUSJ): Partnership of UUs in Baltimore, Washington & Northern Virginia

  U U Legislative Ministry of Maryland Alerts: UUs statewide on human rights issues before the Maryland General Assembly






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  UU World Magazine: The Journal of Unitarian Universalism.

  UU Principles: Statements of our conscience and the traditions we value.

  UUA Congregational Handbook:  How to manual for a congregation.

  InterConnections: Successful programs, handbooks or articles for congregations

  Liberal Religion Archive:  Electronic archives of liberal religion (includes sermons)

  Unitarian Universalist Bookstore: Resource for printed materials fa congregation.

  Beacon Press:  Independent publisher of fiction and non-fiction.

  Skinner House Books:  UUA books to enrich our spiritual and religious lives.

  Publications and Information



  REC Room:  Religious education resources for planning and teaching.

  UUA Religious Education:  UUA Religious Education curricula and leadership support/

  Religious Education



  Worship Web:  WorshipWeb is a wonderful Web based resource for  both professional and lay leaders who are involved in the

    planning  and conduct of worship services.