Seekers Welcome Here


A Home for Spiritual Exploration

 Whether or not UUF's Sunday services are like any you have experienced before, you may find many of your values reflected in the words and music. Beneath the different styles of expression, we are united by shared values.


We are primarily concerned with how we should live, individually and collectively, so that we might become better people, partners, parents and citizens.


Our services might present readings from theism, religious humanism or a variety of ancient or modern myths. At first, it may sound strange to hear language that expresses spirituality in such diverse ways. Beneath the different styles of expression, we are united by shared values.






A Religion for Both


Head and Heart

Whether it's an issue of vital community interest or a program that explores your particular spiritual quest, you can find your place here. While each member would probably express his or her beliefs a bit differently, the following are just some of the things many of our members believe:


• We believe that we're a part of Life, and owe something back to the world for the gift of life.


• We believe that almost all religions are saying that we are precious, worthy people who need to treat everybody else as precious and worthy people.


• We believe that we are supposed to live in such a way that, when we look back on our lives, we can be proud, and can make those we care about proud.


• We believe that truth, justice and compassion are requirements for living.


• We believe that love is better than hatred, understanding is better than prejudice, and that if there is ever to be a better world, people of widely differing beliefs will have to help each other build it.


• We believe in creating a world where all people are encouraged to develop and live out a fulfilling philosophy of life.

It is a sacred

time, this, and

a sacred place,



a place for

questions more

profound than answers,



more powerful

than strength,


It is a sacred

time, this


Let us begin it

 together in song.


No matter what your previous worship experience, you will find authenticity here. There are no mandated beliefs, You will be free to seek your own spiritual path and express your personal religious views.


Our church offers a variety of Sunday services with intelligent, inspirational, witty, thought-provoking speakers and topics, You will also find:


• Religious education programs for children and youth.


• Adult enrichment programs which explore the diverse forms of spirituality and

support our personal growth.


• Social activities which are enjoyable for the whole family and create a caring fellowship among us.


• A social responsibility program that works within the church and in the larger community to provide avenues for activism.


For those who came here seeking the holy,

     may the holy go with you.

For those who came here seeking to embrace life,

     may life return your affection.

For those who came here seeking a better path,

      may that path be found,

 and the courage to take It, step by step.


   - - Robert Doss


A Place to Explore


Life's Questions